Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swap Diva Deedee

Its happened I leaped off the nearest tower of stash and took the plunge into Diva hood.
We set up a Swap group, and boy that happened so quick I am currently giving my head a shake. Wow the response was absolutely great. Lots of you wonderful quilters are wanting to share!!!

I love Sharing, for me its a way to liven up my stash, receive colors and patterns that I would not have thought of myself. The first swaps are going to be put online by tomorrow pm. I have spent the last hour doing the guidelines for 2 swaps that we will be having for Sept.

Since it has been retreat weekend, my whole weekend has been quilt or swap related. Cutting stash. I have the bandaids to prove how busy I have been and I have piles of 2 patches for the Old Tobacco Road that is one of Bonnie Hunters Mysteries. And I have been pressing 4 patches for the Orange Crush mystery another of her mysteries. Enjoy whats left of the weekend folks.


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