Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Forgotten Stash

Well I haven't cleaned the hatch in my car for over a year. I found 7 bags of various yardage and FQs that I do not repeat do not remember buying. My hatch was filled with various items that I do not use every day. Winter parkas, Blankets, candles, flashlights, sewing machine(never know when your gonna need that)Picnic plates and cutlery, Various shoes and rubber boots, Hoodies, spare pants and socks, tools and one tire. Man I was ready for everything. While taking the items out I was finding bag after bag of stuff that I probably shoved into the hatch so my husband wouldn't find more fabric that I bought. It was kinda like an early christmas. I have now snuck it into my laundry room and its waiting its turn to be prewashed and slide into the overwhelming tubs and shelves of stash I already have.

Well after I drafted the beginnings of this post me and DH went to a dinner party. Best friends neighbor said " I have a lot of Fabric that I am not going to use. Do you want it?" Well it was in front of DH and he said "she doesn't need anymore fabric, besides she has fabric in a bag in her car." Apparently he went into the hatch of my car to look for something after I cleaned it and found the one bag of fabric that I left in the car and the sewing machine. He asked in front of all if they would help in an intervention. Darn, now he is going to be checking my car if I go out shopping.

When we got home he asked me if I really pull over for a sewing fix and do I have stash in the glovebox. Reasonable question.

Before the dinner party I was chain piecing a 6 inch block for a quilt that I can't remember which magazine I got the pattern from and well I need to know when to stop sewing these blocks. It is a ufo that I started before I made the ugly quilt (see previous entry)because I felt the desire to mindlessly piece. I started with sewing the 1.5 strips together and then I cut them into pieces around a 2.5 inch center. Its a scrappy quilt. I have to go through my bedroom shelving to find the magazine. I know its in this years publications so that is a big help.

I packaged and tried to courier out my scrappy 9 patches to Karen from Blockswappers. Unfortunately there is a darn Civic Holiday tomorrow and they are not picking up until Tuesday and they didn't have the waybills to make up the parcel. When I go to work tuesday I will get it picked up there to I had sewn 70 blocks , of which 50 were for the swap. They look nice. I want to make the sisters choice quilt from and I realized that if I had just used my stash I would have only had to make 2 more blocks before I need to put on the star points. The variety of blocks and fabrics that I will receive has me getting excited. And then there are the 1.5 inch squares that are on their way here. My husband will just have to suck up that fact that I am a Fabric Addict.

Well I have just spent the last 5 minutes trying to upload pictures and they wont go.
going to try one more time. If there is no pictures I went to bed.

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