Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Bog Run

Well Saturday was the most fun outdoors I have had in ages. We participated in East Selkirk's 2nd Annual BOG RUN. The Proceeds go to Cancer Care Manitoba. The bog was 300 metres in length filled with soupy mud. It was a HOOT. I guess I never quit liking playing in the mud .
This pretty picture was DH on his baby a 450 Polaris or maybe its 500. The MCs were a couple of people I went to high school with so there was a little ribbing going on... they wanted to know if DH ever took his quad out of the garage since it was so clean.
Thats me in the red helmet finishing my run. I was covered in mud. It was the first time that I went on a ATV run so I was a little nervous but the kid inside me was screaming with excitement. For one thing I didn't even know how to start my DH machine. lol. There was only 3 female contestants so I got second prize . I didn't get stuck. I only ran into one side at the turn. I did the course in 58.6 seconds. I am doing it again next year!
Of course DH was on call for the airport and sure enough he was called in so we didn't do the second run. The second run was better than the first because of all the machines going through there was ruts underneath that muck and you could get stuck. There was one machine driven by a couple. the girl was first place in our catagory and she made it in 50. 4 seconds. Her partner on his second run. He got stuck seriously stuck and he had to be hauled out of there,his time for partial run 8 minutes. There was some serious wise cracks about how a girl got 1st place on the same machine

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Pat H. said...

LOL! That looks like soooo much fun!

Pat H.