Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, Yesterday was lovely me and darling husband went to Gimli Manitoba. It was warm and humid but the breese of Lake Winnipeg was refreshing. The street vendors sold jewelry, quilts, homemade knitted items ( there was a shawl I loved out of my price range) caps, throws and sweaters with icelandic patterns. The knitters out there would have loved the skeins of wool they were selling. I know I did and I don't knit.

We took in the historical village and the viking battles. The group of vikings was made up of Icelanders from all over Canada. In the village there was vendors selling their wares. Intricate handworked silver, carved bone combs and hair ties, goblets made from horns, leather crafts and woodworking. It was great. The outfits that the villagers wore was homespun cloth. The King of the villagers wore Chain mail. Oh boy you could smell the sweat and rust on his outfit.

Mid afternoon it was annouced that the king had died and a funeral procession of vikings carrying their king on their shields commenced. One of the Kings sons came sailing in on a dragon boat with a small band of his followers. Soon the insults were flying and the brothers battled to the death over leadership of the people.

I loved every minute of the day with only one regret. We didn't get to Amma's teahouse. I wanted to have a nice cup of tea and some Pönnukökurs or Vínarterta, DH wanted a burger and fries. Oh well next time.

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