Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning

Well its quiet here at this time of the morning. The fur babies are all tucked in sleeping and snoring away on pillows and quilts. DH is also snoring away on the couch . I think he was waiting for me to go to bed and well here I am still awake.
So what am I doing at this time. I am trying to finish my SSCS of course. I had decided to hand quilt it and started and well I don't think that was a good decision. My hand cramped up within 10 minutes. My stitches are not as good as they once were. Its the carpal tunnel thing. My thumb gets achy and kinda stuck and its hard to straighten it out because it hurts. I will still muddle through this though and I hope my swap partner doesn't mind my stitches are not even. I found a little yummy treats to go with the gift and a few little gifties that I hope she likes. I am actually getting a bit excited because I hope she likes what I have for her. Soon it will be all wrapped up and sent off to .... a secret place, to a secret someone. I have been reading her blog regularly.
I don't know if I could wait until Christmas to open then. I am a curious sort. But being that we are not giving big presents this year so we could do a big family vacation it will be nice to have something to open then.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well it occurred to me that I was really really addicted to fabric. Since I have been stuck getting home so late I haven't been able to go to a store any store really and well you would think that is a good thing. Nope I have discovered that online stores are open 24/7 and my paypal account is in good standing. So where was my fabric fix coming from?
I found one store that was clearing out fat quarters, all for only a dollar each. I bought 50.. , and before that I purchased 10 yards of Kona Snow. Another store I got 5 FQ bundles of specific colours. Reds, Blues, Greens, Beiges and Blacks. Thats another 40 fat quarters. ( I fondled these ones this weekend since they arrived.) In another two shops I found Layer cakes and now I have Layer cakes and jelly rolls soon to be arriving.

Saturday I went to the grocery store and since there was only housework to do, I started out to the evil new store in Stonewall. That store is crammed full of goodies. I actually had to start saying "I do not need more fabric" as a sort of mantra to turn me around and get myself back home.
I never thought of myself as having an addictive personality but wow. I had recently paid off my visa in full and just from fabric shopping my bill is going to be huge again this month.
I know for certain my addiction cannot be hid from my husband because of the number of parcels that have been arriving. I can't just stuff them in my bag and sneak them into the house. Gone are the days when I could only afford one or two FQs and those were easily snuck into the stash.

I also been asking myself do I need help? Yes... Do I want help? I am 60/40 on that question. Is my addiction affecting my daily life. Sometimes, It looks like a fabric shop exploded in my house and that just freaks out DH. Is my addiction causing harm to others. Nope, family and friends get quilts from me.
So why am I complaining? Because DH (its always the mans fault) hasn't started building my studio yet. I have to stop buying until I have space of my own just for my toys and stuff. Until then I have DH tucking JJ under my stuff. Doesn't he look like he is enjoying being under My quilt. The Quilt that I purposely made for myself. ( and I am still doing the binding)..... He does look cute all tucked in though. AAWWWWWWW. He is such a sucky baby dog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

44 years and Counting

44 years ago my mother, bless her, gave birth to what she would have called her biggest work in progress. *VBG* ME!!! I was a terror. at 4 I was running away from home going all the way down the block to Granny's house I would go. Skip ten years and I was still running away to Granny's House. Skip another 30 years and Well here I am living in , you betcha Granny's House. lol

I received a present from a lovely lady named Sunna. She didn't know It was my Birthday and as I got around to opening my mail, out popped a little sparkly pink ribbon pin. Thank you very much Sunna. She also blessed me with a few Scrappy Geese to go into my OTR yes!!!

I finally opened my parcel with my postage stamps. Very Pretty Ladies and Thank you to Sweet Pea (Paula) for Hostessing the swap. I have enough little bits to keep me going for a little while if I get a chance to piece them together into a Triple Irish Chain or just maybe a Postage stamp . I am currently waiting for my Kona Snow to be delivered and then I will decide. Not to mention my 9 patches were just delivered. Kodo's to Karen D. for being the Hostess of this swap. They had been delivered to somebody else and they finally returned them to the post office. This has happened a few times for me. I wish someone would take the visa bill though. If wishes were horses....

Well it has been hectic around here and the earliest I have been getting home is 8:00 pm since I leave for work at 6:30 am its a long day. Things just pile up and wait for me to take care of it so the last 2 Saturdays I was a whirling dervish trying to clean up my home so that I can sit at my machine and work on my OTR or something without feeling guilty. errrr I hate house work. DH tidies but with 3 furballs living with us there are rabid dust bunnies seeking out prey attaching themselves to eek my fabric! DH says there is just as many bits and pieces of strings here but he exaggerates. I chain piece so there is not at many. lol.

I had cut out a large chunk of the pieces needed for the OTR so I got to spend quality time with my machine Last Sunday not so much this Sunday. I have all the bits for the 4 patches sewn into 2 patches last Sunday and was chaining them into 4's by the early afternoon. Once I had enough of that, I began piecing the half square triangles
for the pinwheels. It never ended. By 8:30 I was stiff and tired and seemed to have made little progress in the pinwheel department. I can't believe some ladies actually got theirs done in one weekend. Maybe if I didn't break and go out for dinner have a naps , lol.

I am also working on my Secret Santa Christmas Swap. Bits and pieces of it are all over the place. I told you about SAD and I am having acute attack right now and have changed my mind on colour ways twice now so I have starts for 3 presents. I know she has similiar tastes as me so I wonder if she is having the same problem on her end for her SS. Enquiring minds want to know! Well I want to know , Wicket my darling kittie looks like she don't care. lol

Now I went and did it I mentioned Christmas. Do you all have as many gifts to finish I am sitting at 9 and I hope to get them done and photographed all before Dec 24. Since I seem to only have time to sew on weekends. I am thinking I will only get 2 or 3 done . errr that means I will have to go shopping and I don't know about you but I hate shopping in the holiday season! It's way to much for me. People, perfumes and lineups AAAAA. Well gotta go and sew or something is not gonna finish.

Oh and I have to mention Canada Post is going on strike so maybe that is why I am having so much problems with my parcels arriving in a timely fashion. Errrr!

Hugs and Blessings

Saturday, November 1, 2008

With age comes wisdom I think

Wow I can't believe it is November already , my time has just been flying away from me. I loved looking at the leaves as they changed colors. The alive feeling I got feeling the brisk wind in my face . Today most of the leaves are gone. I can see my breath in the still cool air.

It is my Birthday month. Yippee I think I am supposed to get older. lol. With age comes wisdom so they say. I have learned a few things I think. Appearances are not everything. Body parts are not where they were in the eighties. My hair is healthier with out perms colours and 20 pounds of hairspray(even with the gray). I can't believe I would take allergy medication every day so I could spray my hair. I love myself more today than I did then. I would spend hours agonizing over how fat my clothing made me look. I was by no means a svelte willowy gal like I wanted to be. Just solid athletic and healthy. I wish I could go back to and tell that old me that I looked great.

I would warn myself that I needed a big sewing room in the future so that I would have been planning for it and have it by now. lol.

Most I made up patterns for my own use. I only had a small Kenmore sewing machine that had seen better days. My mother got it for me as a christmas gift one year. Did any of you go through the pastel and lace Molly Ringwald phaze? I wore pastels and lace that I added to clothing or made . and now that I am older , realized that they did NOT work for me. I also did the punk look. Purple spiky hair, nose ring and black clothing. A precursor to todays Goth look. I expect that if I was that age now I would be a Goth chick . Pale makeup spiky or Rasta hair wearing the big army boots and plaid skirts. The fringe clothing worked for me better. Even though my mother wouldn't sit beside me on a bus. lol.

Today I am comfortable in a pair of yoga pants and big T. Or if I am feeling flirty a girly gypsy skirt with sequins, or practical work clothing to wear on the quad or doing yard work. I have clothing that fits all the different facets of my personality. I wear what I like and am not set up as one look. At this moment I look sloppy its the weekend. This afternoon I may dress as I was going out for tea. I am quite pleasantly called bohemian. I like that.

Embracing me in all my moods is ok. And its great to be silly and laugh at yourself. I think I have a lot to learn and so far I learned alot. Lets see what the next year brings.