Friday, August 8, 2008

Reno work or sewing

Well for the past few days I haven't touched my sewing machine, or my rotary cutter. I have to decide on which quilt I want to work on. I may just put stuff away for the week and let my mind declutter. I have a ton of ideas floating through my head and I have to write them all down or my brain is going to explode. We still have a lot to work on in the house and I think I may just work on the kitchen for the weekend. .. Yeah right ... I almost feel a need to sew right now just thinking of it. Oh I am a great procrastinator, I can come up with a gazillion things I have to do other than cleaning ... same with working on the house. I really didn't want to work on the house ourselves. That's what contractors are there for darn it! But I suppose that DH will want to become one with the power tools this weekend and my house will end up being covered in dust of some sort. I signed up for a pumpkin swap with the ladies from quilted sisters. I have to make 14 pumpkins of any sort and size 6,9 or 12. I think I will go Prim on these and I will have to go stash diving for my country ish oranges. Some one call out for a search party if I don't come up for air by Sunday.

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