Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its the end of the year!!!

Well its been a hectic couple of months and in 2 days it will be New Years.  These aren't my quilts but I thought they would brighten up the blog. I have yet to find the card with my baby quilt finishes. They have gone to their respective owners and been pooped and puked on so they are home. My nephew thought that it was to good to use but I corrected that Idea. I told him that the best complement I could get is if Alek would love it to death.  I only have 3 more baby blankets to make. One is for Luke one for Kasey and one for a little baby bump that has yet to arrive.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How did this happen

It seems I blinked and skipped right by Halloween and the month of November and the beginning of December. Anyone know how that happened.  I recall going to 2 workshops, turning 45, missing my son (he moved to another province) going to 2 quild Christmas parties( at each one I got fabric organizers) I think someone is trying to tell me to clean up.  Loosing 3 blocks for a block exchange and remaking one of them I found the other two.
Today our nephew's  girlfriend went into labor and we are supposed to be having a birthday dinner here. I think half of the quests will be at the hospital waiting.