Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Thats right it's down to the last hours of mad scrambling for tape and wrap. I am done shopping. I think. I hope. We always seem to forget one child's present. The list is long for the nieces and nephews. New babies to buy for or sew something special.

I already know what my present is . We leave for a trip, some sunbathing for momma, cabana boys and fancy drinks, ocean view and all my family with me. Yippee! Punta Cana, the countdown is on. I have never been anywhere where there is swimming in December.

Life on the beach gotta love it. I think this might be a mistake I could take to the snowbird life with a passion.

With the daylight fast approaching, I have much to do last minute baking for my Mother inlaws Christmas. Gotta love noise If you go there tonight. Santa is coming to all the kids delight. And at the end of the evening silent night.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Past

Visits from Christmas past. These are pictures from the first Christmas with out my mom. I am glad I took pictures although my heart wasn't in it that year. My favorite little girl Sierra Rose. She is one ball of energy. We have a pic of the Einarson women and that isn't even all of us.When at my mother in laws AKA Ruby, Santa comes for a visit. All the little ones and a few big kids get their pictures done with him and then the Chaos ensues. Shrieks and squeals as presents are handed out with a few helpers. Big Dumb Dog aka JJ. He is such a big sucky baby. He is so happy it was hard to get him to sit still for just a moment to get this shot.

Just a few more days and the chaos of Christmas at my mother inlaws will start. Jokes and laughter, young and old, friends and family will all gather for a meal and then wait for Santa. There are a few more little ones who have arrived on the scene since these pictures were taken. New memories to be made, new stories to tell, new babies to cuddle. Family time. Isn't it going to be great!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its Here!!!

My parcel has arrived from my SSCS partner. I haven't even read who it is from yet. I don't think I can make it to Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am Back!!!

Really am glad to be back on track with my life. I took a hiatus to help out with my sister and her family. A little while back she was rushed to the hospital in agony here in Selkirk. They in turn sent her to a Winnipeg hospital who sent her home saying it was just an ovarian cyst. JUST said a man doctor, like to hear that if it was JUST on his testicle. Any way she was sent home and she stayed there for about 6 hours and went back to the hospital in Selkirk and they promptly rushed her in for surgery. Appendix decided it wanted to be a bigger part in her life and threatened to burst. It was actually seeping already and when they got in they hoped they managed to clean out all of the fecal matter and infection out of her abdomen . A few days later taking oral anitbiotics and pain killers she was at home and puffed up like a balloon. Allergies to the antibiotics so off she went to the hospital again. After Antihistamines and new meds she went home and then came back to hospital yet again she was in alot of pain couldn't walk and well just miserable. So they kept her there. We are now talking over a week with only ice chips and IVs giving nutrients. After 2 weeks she was finally given soft food (read Jello and pudding) after they had to go and clean out her abdomen again and hook her up to another bag to continue draining all infectious fluid. So until then liquid diet.
My part in all this . Looking after the kids. Afterschool activities take them to birthday parties, swim lessons, dance lessons, science club and finding sitters for when I couldn't be there because I work too. I had to stay at her home as my niece Alysa is allergic to cats. Yeah fun times. I am not used to young children. Anyway time passed and my sister was given a clean bill of health and sent home to her family allowing me to finally be here and catch up on all things here.
I am so glad to sleep in my bed have my furbabies around me. I gotta say I love all my nieces and nephews but boy am I glad my kids are grown. I am too old and selfish to have younger kids taking over my time lol. Waiting for grandbabies is okay when they arrive I know they can go right back to their parents. I can do the fun stuff and spoil them and send them home hehehe.