Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just hanging

I have been listening to a wellness guru on cd's in my car. I think I will have to rethink doing that because I had to pull over on the side of the road I was laughing so hard it hurt. Loretta Laroche is filled with sage advice and well if you want to get more info to de-stress your life look here .

What am I reading? Blogs all over the place and hopefully will add a few new ones to my list of favorites. This one Ladies tutorial is pee your pants funny. You just have to read it here!

I have to admit I haven't sewn a darn thing in a week. and my stuff is still set up on my kitchen table. I am not really feeling guilty about it. I haven't done laundry since last Monday. I have dirty dishes on the counter. I know the floor needs sweeping and a wash. I am trying to make a list of things that I should not do and do them. I had cold chicken for breakfast . I watched Legend at 10:00 am this morning. I had cereal for lunch. I had a nap at 4:00 in the afternoon. I had Candy corn. I read blogs and an hour on a murder mystery. I will be going out for Chocolate cake and Coffee at 9:00 pm. And since I am coffee so late Its not even going to be decaff. I think this will be the perfect should not day!

Hugs and blessings to all

Friday, October 10, 2008

October is Quilt Pink

Well as I get over my bronchitis which makes it a chore to walk even the beginnings of October brings a lot of reflection. North Americans think Orange and Purple and Halloween. I also think PINK. October is Breast Cancer Month. This is the disease that carried my mother away on her next journey. I urge all to take part , buy a pin, donate to a walker, Walk yourselves. Funding research is the only way we will be able to take this cancer and concur it.

My mother having survived it once became a mentor for First Nations women of all ages who were newly diagnosed. She gave workshops on the topic of holistic, traditional medicines and working with the Western Medicine. Her second battle with the disease left me and my sisters without the Matriarch of the family. May we only be so brave.
As a quilter, I am making a quick link to McCalls because they have some wonderful Quilt for a Cure patterns.

Hugs and wishes for good health for all