Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girly and fanciful

Well for anyone that knows me in person they know I had hair down to the bottom of my bottom. I was standing next to a coffee shop just getting my 3rd cup of coffee of the day and I was gazing into the window of a very posh looking hair salon. You know the places. Hair dressers are all 20 something and beautiful , surrounding modern chic, and hairspray that cost over $20. I had a moment of I need change. So after sitting for 25 minutes with my eyes closed, I opened my eyes to a me without what seems to be 2 feet of hair. The style is cute easy care and was very nicely done. I have had a hang up over my hair for a good 17 years and had the same two women cut/trim my hair. The last time I had a cut was in 1999 and that was only because I went my usual salon and first time ever had a new person perm my hair. She didn't read my chart that I had on file there since I was oh I would say 14 or so. So you have to say long time customer, got over processed over cooked over curly frizzzzzzzzzzy mess. Not happy. So you know the nightmare where you wake up and your hair starts breaking off and chunks start coming out. That was me. So to Fix what they messed up I ended up with what I would call a boy's bowl cut. AARGGGHH! Picture is only drawing because I have burnt all photos of me with the nasty ugly boy's bowl cut.

So since that nastyness I have only had 2 very dear friends trim about an inch of my hair at a time. So I had nice long hair , but the drawbacks was that the ended were sunfaded and becoming split so the top of my head nice dark brown, bottom of my hair Coppery red crusty hair.

ILOVE MY HAIR. No split ends no odd colours, wash and wear, lighter lighter lighter only difference is when I went to wash my hair I used to much shampoo. lol. Change is good its girly and not to young.

And speaking of girly there are so many quilters that have amazing quilts with a very feminine soft pretty quilts. I don't think I could ever make something that fanciful and girly. I mean when I hit the shops with credit card in hand, I jump for the bold and the beautiful. I just don't pick up those nice soft girly fabrics. I love them but I just go for the brash in your face colors. I would have to change my shopping habits. Now there was a time that every time I went into a shop I would pick up a red or burgundy FQ. Who am I kidding I still do actually lol but I see other colors and currently in a orange and purple mode. And the soft greens and rose prints are left behind. I know I love those quilts and the girly girl part of me goes I want one, the bright free spirited me goes I want that orange feather print and the purple and lime batik. And I still don't have a girly girl pretty quilt.

The girly girl is the the part of me who loves historical romances and cutting flowers in my garden. Enjoys sitting in the shade with my pomeranian (girly dog supreme) reading said historical romances. I will probably buy a quilt like that for myself just to feed that frilly girly girl inside me. Meantime I have a bunch of purples that I have to cut up for my Old Tobacco Road.

Good night every one
hugs and blessings to all of you.


Victoria said...

Your haircut sounds lovely and very liberating!

MIMILEE said...

That was a big step for you to get your hair cut! Good for you.....sure it looks fabulous!

I love fabrics too!....and cats and dogs.......and LIFE in general!

Glad I visited you today!

Best Regards,

swooze said...

We need a pic of the new do!! I went through the same with getting my hair chopped off many years ago!