Saturday, August 30, 2008

OC, OTR, Sisters choice and Swap maybe?

Good day to all my visitors. I am doing the virtual retreat this weekend from Yahoo's Stashbusters group. This is a good thing as I am working on the Orange Crush Mystery, Old Tobacco Roads, and Sisters Choice.

Yep I have SAD, commonly known to all as Sewers Attention Deficite. Once I start something it can and will grow to a few somethings because I am cutting for a project and next thing I know I am working on 2 quilts and in this case I am working on three quilts. I am currently not working for the break part in the day. Sustenance in the form of Chocolate and a Latte, and I am sure I could look for the nutritious foods but whats the fun in that. Need a glass of wine too but I will wait for that until after I finish using the rotary cutter. Don't want to drink and cut.

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has started another mystery quilt. Its called the Old Tobacco Road. Now I haven't even finished the second step of the Orange Crush but here is a peek at my Step one.

How did the sisters choice get started you ask. Well I took part in the scrappy 9 patch swap from Blockswappers group and I got some fabulous patches back in return. I had shown a pic in a earlier post of the blocks I had made , now here is some of the wonderful blocks I got in return. As per Bonnies directions I hadn't put the points on the blocks yet and I was going to wait for when I have all 70 blocks to do this. Then Bonnie put up her OTR mystery up and well it had 2 inch half triangles, A BAZILLION OF THEM LITTLE BEGGERS, and how she started on hers for the quilt is she made it from the cut off spare triangles from the sisters block for one. So I started cutting out for the 2.5 x 6.5 strips so I can use on the sisters choice and spare triangles for the OTR.

And of course since I was cutting I started cutting for the 2 inch strips for that quilt as well. But suffering from SAD I promptly thought of the 2 inch squares that I couldn't use from the OC and started pulling out that tote with that project.

So last night after doing some of all this cutting and drinking a pot of coffee, I had all three projects lined up next to my machine so I chain piece them. So after 12:30 am rolled around and I finished the piles that I had I then had to iron the pieces so they would be ready for the next step. Once the iron was out this morning I figured I would just add a new bunch of fabrics to the pile and started ironing all my FQs to use in the OTR and of course there was some colors that I could use the OC and once ironed I began cutting again. I am now at the part where I was at last night at 11:30 with piles of little squares waiting to be sewn together and In need of Sustenance.

So in my moment of clarity I decided to Blog and take pictures of all the little bits going on in my house. I know nothing like this ever happens to anyone else out there. lol

Oh and since I am still suffering from this I also have the halve brained idea for a centralized strip swap of 2.5 inch strips , 1/2 width of fabric . 10 fabrics a set. 10 sets max.
All sets can be the same or different.

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swooze said...

Did you know you were lost? I surfed all my rings and couldn't find you! OK now that I found I will read and catch up. I am so glad you posted to stashbuster! HUGS!! swooze