Monday, August 11, 2008

It was reno work

Well I didn't sew a thing this weekend. The weekend was filled with house and yard stuff. We actually started replacing the fascia on the house in preparation to put up new gutters and downspouts. I think we are going to go with white trim on the house because of the white vinyl windows that we installed. That way we can do cream coloured siding. I hate the stucco on my house. Its gotta go. We located the spot on the roof that leaks . I guess during the last storm a couple of shingles were blown off and at least we know where to fix , unfortunately , the weather that is called for today is thunderstorms so it won't get fixed today. I also decided that the deck is going to get redone. The boards on the decking are old so its time to get a new deck top.
I could make a list of things that need to get done before winter because its all outside work. I actually enjoyed painting the fascia, and I didn't have to climb the ladder because of the deck . It will be nice to have the house look nice finally on the outside.
Maybe tonight if its raining I can do something quilty. Have a good day everyone.

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