Wednesday, January 31, 2007


As I journey into finding joy in my life I decided that even little quilts would use up stash. Maybe not enough for my husband to notice but I would indeed be back doing something that I loved. Sewing , creating , and fondling fabrics. I was recently invited to join a small group by a lovely lady whos link to her blog spot is somewhere on my spot. Linda M by the way . I have seen some of the lovely work that has been done WOW. not white on white but WOW! Some of these postcards are just incredible pieces of art. Saying that I am probably going to submit whoever reads this to my beginners attempts. To my non quilting friends and family if you read this your probably thinking white on white? Come over have some coffee or tea and I will gladly pull out fabric for you to look at. Trish if you read this your quilt may be 4 x 6 inches. lol

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Family and hobbies

This poor man is my husband Greg. he has on his lap Wicket my cat and beside him is J.J. his dog. As you can see in the corner of this picture he is like most males of the species and has a remote fixation. He recently purchased an Ozzy remote as he calls it. Instead of 4 or 5 remotes on the table there is only one big touchpad remote for all the toys. he is waiting for one that can program me to remember to do house work. Electrician by day his hobby is collecting woodworking tools kinda like me and sewing machines and doing woodworking thingies in his shop. The other day he purchased a large shop dust filtration system. Its supposed to collect all the wood dust from his workshop. Currently it is set up in my living room in front of the wood stove. I haven't said a thing about this massive item in my living room. He actually made note that I haven't said a thing about getting it out of the living room. I figure it will be moved when he is ready to use it. He also mentioned that I couldn't and shouldn't dare say anything about 1 tool (Big One) in the living room since at this current time I have 5 tubs of fabric and 3 sewing machines in the room and a couple of projects on the kitchen table . My stuff is all in view since it is an open room concept. I have been on a kick of organizing my fabric. It may not look like it at the moment to the non sewers eye however in my defense i am a fabri holic and I am sorting my stash.
When he was working on his apprenticeship he had to go to The Pas for 5 months. We were working on renovating the living room and kitchen area. I lived with his saw in the kitchen the entire time he was gone. It was this big heavy thing that I could not move so there it stayed until he came home and finished working with it. 10 months in total. Aniversaries have come and gone and I still don't have kitchen cupboards. Mmmm , he can live with my stash.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Its not what you think

Sex Farts and UFO's don't mean what you think , I am not out of my mind. (sort of). Its a lovely bunch of words that describe my life as a sometimes quilter , an all the time piecer, a stashaholic and my desire to enhance said stash with new stash.
Stash multiplies sometimes apparently on its own. I look at a piece of fabric that I pulled out of a bag and say I don't know when I got this , I don't remember buying it.

quick lesson #1

UFOs are UnFinished Objects. I Don't know any quilter that doesn't have at least one.

SEX is Stash Enhancing eXpedition

FART-- Fabric Acquistion Road Trip ( most trips to the city end up as one since my local fabric store closed and wally world opened)

I gave my darling husband a quick lesson on different parts of a stash. Crumbs are the iddy biddy pieces that a sane person would throw out. I only keep them if they are over 1 1/2 inches. ha.

strings are the long strips that I cut off fat quarters and yardage to square up an edge, sometimes i messed up a cut and have to start over again. Both of these items I have been hoarding in bags , totes and bins mixed together all willy nilly. I came up with the idea to separate the multitude of crumbs and strings into there own bins thus allowing myself the opportunity to see what I have and use the new scrapsaver ruler that I just purchased from my Fav QS.

The first time my husband saw my stash in all its glory he jokingly said I had enough fabric to make a house cozy. ... and he married me anyways.