Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming out of hiding

The worst thing about depression is that you just curl up into a ball and have the biggest pity party on the planet. I have lost contact with scores of people because I couldn't handle it. I screened phone calls, quit seeing some family members barely went online. Chocolate and the tv were my best friends. Counselling was something I hated doing . If your honest with yourself it hurts and makes you come out of that little cacoon that you have been hiding in. Lets say I wasn't coming out to put my feelings outside where they could be seen. Very few people and I am talking about 3 people I let into my house for about 3 months. This is another step. Getting back online.
I am hoping some people forgive me and if they don't I cannot worry about them. I have enough of the garbage still floating around in my day to day life, that oh well that I really didn't need them in my life in the first place.
I still battle with going to work every day.
Lets see if I can get back into the swing of things in my quilting world.