Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just so you all can get a chuckle I set off the panic alarm in the
reception area of a Government office of Canada that I work in. Forces of Good ran to my rescue as I tried to stop the alarm from continuing its horrendous sound. Directors , my manager, my supervisor, co-workers, Assistant heads and all big brawny male types came running to my rescue some from the basement of the building. (I am on the 3rd floor) Me in my complete embarrassment Turning a full fire engine red have been accepting of the ribbing I have been enduring since that days lovely afternoon festivities. I in my apparent stupidity went
" oh whats this"
and stuck my finger in the hole of a little tiny box and as the mind slowly
kicked into gear thinking to myself "This must be the" and then the alarm
went off. I knew at the very second of inserting my finger exactly what
it was and have been firing off apologies to all parties involved in my
rescue. So how is your week going?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quilt Reflections 2008

Well this was one fantastic weekend, Quilt Reflections 2008 had arrived there was many beautiful, inspiring pieces and I had the pleasure of going to a trunk show and dinner on Saturday night. I camped out at the Canad Inns Polo Park in Winnipeg since thursday night I was so excited to go. Friday went well enough I volunteered so I was on White Glove Patrol in the morning while it wasn't open , they had opened the show to seniors from a few homes so they go through with wheel chairs and didn't have to battle the crowds. I also got to see all of the beauties before the
Some of the Artists and award winners are people I know they are from The In Stitches Group from Little Britain Church. Judith Panson won 1st place with her beautiful panels and also won best in show with them. Its funny I knew her sons when we were growing up and they must be so proud of their mom. These are just some of the quilts that I took pictures of. Some of the quilts sing with colour and the movement some created wow wow wow!!!
I ran into a few quilters that I met last year and If you look at my older blogs there is one with Wild Thang and I got re-aquainted(spelling?) with Melissa M. I just received a phone call that I was a lucky winner of one of the challenge quilts. Yippee.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ugly Fabric - Cut it up

Bonnie says. If its still ugly you haven't cut it small enough. Well To you this may look cute even pretty, not sewn well or cut square but cute anyway. To me its was a OMG what did I buy!
On a trip I wandered into a quilting store. Nothing strange about that. 10 feet from the door was a SALE sign, on it was bundles of Fat Quarters. 10 for $25. The one on top looked pretty enough, the bottom one too, so I bought it. I didn't look closely at it I just when cool sale. When I finally got it home and opened it up I was shocked, horrified. Inside it was the most ugly Fat Quarters I had ever had the displeasure of buying.EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!

The fabric it self was not the best quality the colors were muddy in places and the patterns , well I certainly didn't care for them at all so they went into the pile of fabric that I had bought, that ended up in the WHAT WAS THINKING pile. Truth be known I hoard , everything, I am a complete pack rat. I save everything. I am trying to get rid of stuff but for some reason, (shopping, thrift stores, yard sales) things seem to stay around and multiply.

Friday I had the day off and since I finally picked up the black that I was so intent on buying the week before (twice as much as I was going to) I had some extra so I wanted to do something that wasn't in the WIP pile and UFO pile I wanted something new. By the way I always want something new to do. So I picked up the pattern that I ended up buying at the evil new store. And to myself said hey I have enough black to make a lap quilt. I can do that in a weekend. But I really didn't want to cut into some of my other fabric because of the Orange Crush mystery I didn't know for sure what colorway I was going to go with. I just wanted something that could be carted around in the car or use on the couch and eat on and not worry about so I went to the PILE. I had no problem with the FQs the black made made it look not so bad and the ugly parts I could cut them smaller , just like Bonnie said. If It ended up really ugly I would send it off to the thrift store. Somebody might like it.
I cut everything on Friday night and set them up so I could just keep on sewing . I didn't square anything up. Its ugly so who cares. I am busting stash and ugly stash at that so I gave myself a pat on the back for that part.

Saturday I pieced all the blocks and put them together and since I am busting i asked around to see if anyone uses Artic Fleece on their backs. Yup. was the majority answer so I now have the top less borders , Fleece that takes up half a tub and husband that is asking me when did I buy all that. So I explained I was making an ugly quilt with ugly FQs and using ugly fleece. DH asked why I was making an ugly quilt and my reply was so I could have a quilt fix. Whats it for he asks. So i can have a quilt to hang around on the couch with and watch movies or for what ever. So his reply to my answers was your making an ugly quilt to hang around with and be in OUR living room for everyone to see. No I don't want people to see it in our living room. So why are you making it again. So I can bust stash. Since he didn't get it I am now showing you all. Not in my living room but on my kitchen floor, before quilting . That what I am doing to day. Wish I squared up those blocks though. It doesn't look so bad.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange crush

Well these are the color I have chosen at this moment to be in the Orange crush mystery. I have asked do I really want to change the dark prints to black would that work for this pattern. who knows ... Well Bonnie knows so I sent her the question. Knowing how absolutely busy she is I don't know when I will get an answer. The green tonal is way off my comfort zone but hey i have to use it sometime. My past forays into scrappy quilts are usually more autumn colors with a few zingers thrown in for a bit of a punch . This one looks like its going to go for a halloween party. That is my all time favorite holiday.
Yesterday I started my day off by having breakfast with DS. I ended up going to the big city just to have breakfast with him. I miss him since he moved to Winnipeg. We don't get together as much as we used to since he is off to work when I am getting home from work. I am off work today as well so I think I will be scrounging through the bins to find all the bright colors and cutting up 2 inch strips. The majority of my stash is FQs so I always have an assortment of stuff for the scrap quilts. I would like to make this one more controlled so we will see.
Currently working on a basket weave top. I have been sewing and cutting 1.5 in strips into 4.5 strips. I didn't realize how many I would need so I began by cutting out of the sewn 1.5 , the 4.5 that I need for this quilt , 1.5 for four patches, 2.5 for something in the future and another 4.5 for Rail fence ... I think. Hell I don't even remember if I told you all this in my last post. lol. All the left overs will go into a string quilt or crumb quilt. either way what ever I am sewing I know I will have a large assortment of Leaders and Enders now. lol