Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rip and Snort and missing in action

Well I had to put the Scrappy Bargello away for a bit. I was getting too put out with it. After cutting one of the panels and arranging them, I realized that one I inverted two of the colors in one section and missed one strip entirely. Three of the panels are sewn together ready to go. One of the remaining panels is cut "HORRORS" into its strips . Okay its fixable just remove the offending mixed pair and reverse them and then cut 2 1/2 squares of the missing color and insert. But being that I wanted to keep making the panels I took the last panel, not yet cut thankfully, and found the same mistakes. Figures I thought it was going to be a quick quilt and because I was in such a hurry its not. Serves me right.
I should be working on scrappy 9 patches for a swap. I got them started a while ago and now I have to 1 find them 2 finish them 3 mail them in 6 days. HA
the problem is finding them little beggars. I joined up on a swap a while ago and darn if the time doesn't run away from me. I just looked at the calendar and cursed. Why do I do that to myself. I started with the best intentions fully expecting to get them done and then life interupts and I end up rushing. Its like I like the adrenaline rush I get from being under the gun. I will blame my mom for that. She was the person that would always come over and say I need 5 matching skirts or dresses or mini quilts for tomorrow. So I have been conditioned. I miss her.
Have a quilty day folks and wish me luck in finding the 9 patches.


Sweet P said...

It is frustrating when a project decides to mess up. I have a Scrappy Triple Irish Chain that I'm making with Jinny Beyer fabrics. I'm still working on block 1 and I keep messing it up. I pull it out to work when I want a challenge.

I love your new treadle machine. It's gorgeous.

Candace said...

Some quilts just seem to want to be a challenge, and it you put them aside for awhile and work on something else, sometimes you can go back to them with a different attitude. I don't know why it is that something can be better 1 day than the last, but sometimes it seems so. I hope you found your 9 patches. I make mental notes when I put things away, it used to work but anymore not so much. Good luck with your roof, hopefully, it is still under warrenty.