Thursday, February 1, 2007


I went to a shower a few years ago and played some games. Everyone knows what the purse game is? Well here is how it goes the host makes up a list of items and and when she calls them out and you have them in your purse you stay in the game. I carry everything in a massive tote. A screwdriver was one of the last items , me and the other woman had them in our purses. Me a regular sized Phillips and the other lady a tiny wee one for glasses, we both stayed for the next round. They called batteries next. I had a sandwiche baggy with eight batteries in it. Yeah I won. Batteries hit my purse one year that darling step daughter recieved her digital camera. They came in handy as her camera ate the batteries so quickly. I still have batteries in my purse because of my camera. Mostly because I forget to take them out, but the event of a discman stoping, a remote control quitting and the worst thing, childrens toys running out of juice when the toy is the one thing that is keeping the darlings from driving me and their mother insane, I am prepared.

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swooze aka Suzette Harris said...

I used to carry batteries in my on road trips for the very same reason! Come on over to my blog and click on the stashbuster webring to join us! For that matter join the stashbuster yahoo group if you haven't already. We have lots of fun there!