Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentines is a day filled with love . not just romantic love but love of family , friends, and friends you haven't even met yet. I recieved a special Valentine from kwaanishiinh (a dragonfly) a very beautiful dragonfly. On her wings she carried a valentine from my mother. Little things that ment something to my mom.

My mom passed away from breast cancer in Sept 06. I still hope that I will wake up and it have been just a nightmare. But that is not to be. Instead she had this kwaanishiinh (dragonfly) send me gifts. worry dolls , worry stone, sparkly shoe and a pink ribbon.
My mother travelled alot in the past few years and she brought home a variety of things. worry dolls from South America, She picked up rocks from all over she has a few baskets of them. some are so smooth that its relaxings just to rub them. My mother also had a shoe fetish . if it sparkled she would buy them. her shoes had beads sequins stone and fancy sewing. She had a LOT of shoes.
When she recovered from her first bought with breast cancer she became an advocate for native women with breast cancer, and became involved with the National board. One night a year ago we spent an evening sewing together pink ribbons with a feather on them to sell to raise money for Breast Cancer.
My valentine carried gifts of my mother on her wings. Happy Valentines Day

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