Saturday, February 3, 2007

Farts and Fabriholic

Fabric aquisition road trips. .... I have had one or two to many. Ever since I pick up my beautiful little yellow car I have been travelling to all the near by quilt stores in Winnipeg. I have picked up something at every one of them. The other day as i was in a QS i thought hey I am going on a retreat in two weeks. I need 1 fabric many different shades. I did it. bought 12 fat quarters . I brought them into the house in my tote so dahling husband didn't see that I brought new fabric into the house. In numerous totes I have brought in yards and yards of fabric. guilt is the reasoning that I snuck the fabric into the house. Like an alcoholic I have stash hidden around the house. I even have two of the big tough tote bins at my mothers house with fabric in it. I need help. Evey time i go to a quilting class which I joined to use up my stash (like that is happening) I pick up something . My body quivers in anticipation when I hear my fav QS has new fabric. They have the Chocolate line . I love chocolate. Just the name inspires me to pull out my credit card. Fabric calls to me it unfurls from the bolt and waves at me as I walk in the door of the shop. Sale bolts jump up and down 50% off us come here take a look take me home you need me. STOP I say I shouldn't buy you and then the Fat quarters start up. We don't cost as much as a full metre or yard come and take a look at us . We are blue violet reds oranges. buttery creams and there is some chocolates sitting demurely on the shelf. Its at this point I should run. Sigh I never do. Now my stash is languishing in bins and tubs and totes through out the house and now they are screaming at me . You haven't touched us. The guilt level reaches a new level I join stashbusters . They will help me. I aspire to be as good as those ladies that are signed up for NO BUY. Brave these ladies are. In two weeks I go on a retreat ...there is a quilt store in the same building. That will be a true test of my willpower . Will my nerve and intentions stand firm, or will i give in to my compulsions. only time will tell.


Quilting Kim said...

Lynn - You can do it, I have complete faith in you -- especially, now that you are on the Stashbuster's web ring.

Great post about FART's (I'm still laughing about that one) and being a fabriholic - I can totally relate.

Alycia said...

Good luck! I bet you can do it - now that you are getting organized and you have to look at your fabric you are on the right start!!

What a great writer you are!