Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ladies night out.

Well here are some of the lovely ladies that I spent my Saturday night with. We had a lot of laughs lots of goodies to eat and of course we worked on our projects that we all hope never become UFOs. This was my first ever ladies night out quilting style and I had a blast. Now I am really looking forward to my weekend retreat coming up next weekend.
I wasn't half as wierd or wired on caffiene as I could have been. The picture below is one where we decided to take pictures of each other, on her blog I slightly resemble a cyclops. ( camera positioned on my forehead) I can only say that I hope that my next weekend will be filled with as many beautiful people as last night was, filled with laugher and giggles and helping each other out setting up order of blocks to be sewn together.

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Quilting Diva said...

The picture is off. Maybe I'll get some good ones during the retreat.