Wednesday, January 31, 2007


As I journey into finding joy in my life I decided that even little quilts would use up stash. Maybe not enough for my husband to notice but I would indeed be back doing something that I loved. Sewing , creating , and fondling fabrics. I was recently invited to join a small group by a lovely lady whos link to her blog spot is somewhere on my spot. Linda M by the way . I have seen some of the lovely work that has been done WOW. not white on white but WOW! Some of these postcards are just incredible pieces of art. Saying that I am probably going to submit whoever reads this to my beginners attempts. To my non quilting friends and family if you read this your probably thinking white on white? Come over have some coffee or tea and I will gladly pull out fabric for you to look at. Trish if you read this your quilt may be 4 x 6 inches. lol


Rose Anne B said...

Hi Lynn, I don't think we've met as yet unless my mind has forgotten. Ooops. Anyways I love your blog and yep your reasoning too on your home etc. LOL! As for quilting and postcards, all I can say is do what you like and learn as much as you can.

Quilting Diva said...

Hey Lynn, I didn't know you had a blog but now that I do, I'll be sure and check it regularly to see what you're up to.

Anonymous said...

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