Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well I did it . I joined a swap. I joined a round robin and now in a row robin. You know I have always felt inadequate when it comes to showing my work. I am not saying that I don't sew well . More like I hope I sew good enough for everyone else. Ladies you know I am not the only one out there that feels that way. Always felt that my stiches might end up a little off kilter. Not good enough for a swap I might not hit that perfect scant 1/4 inch seam. Well I am now proud to say I am good enough. I am good enough to share with others. I am good enough for my self and I am good enough to challenge myself with a new style. Today my goal is to cut up 3 sets of four buckeye beauty pieces for a swap that I joined . The feeling is kinda like you know the water is going to be cold but you stick your toes in anyway. Well I didn't stick my toes in i jumped in with out checking the water. These ladies in one of my groups seem friendly enough. Nobody has sent out snotagrams to others. These ladies always seem to find the time to answer questions that newbies have. Suggest other ways of doing things one of them might work for you.

I worried about my one little block going to strangers in the round robin , what are they doing to it. Are they going to put colors I absolutely detest on it . What if the block was so weird they couldn't do anything with it. As I got the other peoples rounds I looked at it and asked myself what would do this justice . What would help make this RR sing . for every bit I had sewn on anothers work. I went with what was in my heart and that I fiqure is what its about. sharing pieces of yourself with others as you send your blocks around the group.

I got my round robin back yesterday. Its beautiful ladies . Thank you.

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Quilting Diva said...

Wow, your round robin is amazing. Would you care to swap with mine?