Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have been a bad blogger

Wow I didn't realize that It has been such a long time since I blogged. Bad Blogger.
Now that my guilt has been appeased, I will take the time to fill you in on the fabric happenings as well as that same old same old.
I met one of my resolutions as I have taken a whole day sorting out my stash (not my idea it was DH). I got one of those big white storage pantry cupboards and filled it up. Its dimensions are 72 x30x16. Apparently, I need one more. I had most of my stash in rubbermaid tubs. Well those tubs got pretty annoying fast as sure as heck the color I wanted would be in the bottom tub. I have tubs every where in the house. I still have tubs to sort through. One more day of that I think but I have a crumb and string bin. Gotta work on that. When do people have time to . I also found a love for those clear drawers. I have them sorted in my way. Embroidery Machine and its notions and stablizers and such. Quilting, My Kenmore and all her bits and bobs and an assortment of my silk finish threads. and My everything goes. That one has everything in it. From yarns and beads for embellishing to spray adhesives.

I have an assortment of neutrals. For some reason I thought I didn't have very many and well since I was taking a break I went online and ordered some creams, and some pinks and some greens. These are all light romantic colors I don't normally go for. That girly girl inside me took over when I was ordering. Damn her she has no sense when it comes to shopping. I mean darn it all she ordered 60 fat quarters. They come in bundles of 20. What was she thinking. I was only browsing and making wish lists and being responsible. I KNOW she went OOOOOOOOOOO Pretty! and hit the add to cart button. It wasn't me , I wasn't in control of my senses. If you want to see the store that that evil girly girl got stupid on click here

Have a great day folks

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