Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilty news sorta

I have been a bad girl. I went shopping. Again. I ordered a quilt block of the month from SewSisters in Ontario. I think I fried my brain cells out when I went on my trip and I have been on a spending spree for the past month. Maybe its stress. Pretty things always get my mind off of the unpleasant stuff. And I know there has been enough of that going around here.

These ladies are fast. I ordered it on Wednesday night and I received my first package today. Kudos to them, and I am suprised at the post got it here so fast. WOW. I haven't opened the package. I haven't even sneeked it into the house yet.

I decided I want a coffee cups or teacups quilt for the wall where my dining table will be. So the next thing do I make it myself or do I invite all my quilty friends to play with me? I have seen some great cup quilts and I think that it would be a fun project to take on. Applique I think and the colours all over the map on a neutral background. Fast Fuse would be easiest I think. Leave me a comment if you want to have coffee or tea with me. Even if you don't hook me up with a link with blog that has a great cup quilt so I can see. A girl has to have coffee in times of stress. Or a nice calming cuppa tea.

Don't forget to leave a comment on my iceday give away post for the Moda Maypole give away.

Quilty Hugs all


Catherine said...

Sew Sisters is a great store1 My favourite store by far. Which BOM did you order?
My applique days are over or else I'd jump in on your coffee cup/tea cup quilt. But I know where there's a really cute teapot quilt in the making -- at Freda's Hive. If you go to this post you can see some of her teapots.


This is a really cute pattern I am meaning to get around to making one day.
I love your new house!~! It is really gorgeous!
PS: Don't forget your iceday give away is tomorrow!~! I am sitting on pins & needles waiting for word of the winner.

Sweet P said...

I think a coffee and/or tea cup quilt would be fun. I've been toying with that idea myself. Gee, you'd think with a name like Coffee Time Stitches I'd already have a coffee-themed quilt or wall hanging. Nope, not here, not yet.

I have a few swap deadlines coming up (mostly in April). Maybe I'll think about hosting coffee/tea block swap. Would you join if I did?

Linda said...

I have never done a cup quilt nor would I have the patience to do one! LOL I have seen many nice one's though! This site:
Has directions for different size cups which I think is cool as I don't have matching cups in my cupboard! LOL I don't care for the teapot though - just me personally! LOL
Roz has a very pretty one here:
Good luck!!