Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Madness and other stuff

Well now that the pesky cold from hell has left me only with congestion of my sinuses, the most adventerous I have been is reading blogs. Much to lazy to do anything else. I had tons of good intentions. Exercise (lmao) make a UFO list. I got to 10 and I quit. I really didn't want to know how many starts I actually do have. There is every single leader ender project from Bonnie Hunters site. Old Tobacco Road, Orange Crush, Strip Twist, Sisters Choice, Crumbs galore and times that many from every project from project classes since 2 years ago. Oh my and then there is my swap group(strips and blocks) I am suffering from overload. Not to mention I have been shopping online for 2 months solid. My credit card may never be the same. So with projects and stash in hand I must leave this humble abode.
After much discussion with DH (HAH) "We" have decided that me and my fabric must move out. This is in effort to get my sewing stuff out of the way while the renovations on this darling humble house can get completed. Not even I will consent to living with out a bathroom, shower, washer dryer for any extended time frame. Not to mention, furniture while the flooring gets installed. With nothing to put my darling sewing machines on even I cannot forsee me squatting on the floor with my sewing machine beside me working on the next swaps blocks. You see people I have to go house hunting. I refuse to rent. Why would I spend good money for someone else to profit. I mean If I purchase another house with all working plumbing and with floor I can be comfortable while this house gets the final ransack. And well me and DH can work on our relationship with out getting on each others nerves over fabric and renovations. AAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!
Living on my own with only my furbaby Taco Bell. Such luxury oooooooo I mean loneliness right. Actually the tension between my husband and my fabric has been reduced. He walks right by the pile I have out to iron and he doesn't even growl at it.
I HATE packing, moving, unpacking. This is punishment for having to large a stash I tell ya!.
Another happening is my baby boy is 25 years old today and he would shake his head that I am on THE WORLD WIDE WEB and announcing "baby boy" I quite politely informed him that when he is 50 I will still call him my baby boy. What else when you remember every defining moment in your child's life , firsts of every thing. First Tooth, first booboo, First steps , first stitches, first day of school, First A in class, first girlfriend, first broken heart, first car, graduation, first apartment. Truth be told he is a damn fine young man if I do say so myself.

And if any of you fine lurkers want to read another funny tutorial check here


Sunna Reyr said...

Hi. Nice bags you have there, and good luck house hunting.

MargaretJ said...

Love that bag!!! Are there instructions somewhere

Megan said...

Thanks for the link!!!

Karen said...

Yo-yo's and hexagons! I have yet to test out my Clover yo-yo maker and I just started my first hexagon project. Love your yo-yo bag and the hexagons.