Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a little whine.

I really don't have much to say other than whine. I woke up with a cold. You know the kind.
Head is full of stuffing you bend over and feels like its going to explode. I have the runny nose too. Great just because I have a friend who has school age kids and they are all sick. Yep going back to school means measles, mumps and every strain of flu and cold imaginable. Her 2 darling daughters are great girls , and when they are sick they hang all over you because they want to be coddled. What was I thinking going over there. Oh yeah right , we were fondling fabrics.

And pre menopause. Whats that? You get to have hot flashes and sweats and still have your period and can't guess when its coming. Yeah!!! that's right up there with things I have to have. I am the most miserable woman in the world when I am hot. Claws are bared, Bee in the bonnet, grumpy as a bear, psychotic all these words come to mind as I drift through the ever erratic hormones.

DH is spending more time with his hunting buddies , good thing too. Its safer out with a bunch of guys with guns than being at home with me. One wrong word and BLAMO! I will rip his hide with words so sharp you would think they are a filleting knife.

His last words to me before heading out the door was "oh yeah , your going through the change"
Heaven help the poor world if Men had the same hormone problems, because they are for the most part stupid. Great for opening stubborn jars but to have some type of"their"empathy not gonna happen. Their quick but doofy wit will get them bonked on the head with a frying pan.

Could you imagine a man freaking out with fluctuating hormones , they would be completely unable to function. DH sits on the couch and whines and pouts when he gets a little tickle in his throat. Could you imagine half the populace then beating the snot out of each other because Big John has cramps and is moody . LOL I can

Oh well enough of whining , I am going to go spread my germs to my loving sisters. I was taught to share with them at all times.



Di said...

Girlfriend, you are not alone. Welcome to the wild world of menodumb.

Yep, I call it menodumb and men have Male Pattern Stupidity.

We get to, at least, get through ours, but I think theirs live with them forever, lol!

Try some vitamin E and B12. It sometimes helps and hide the knives.

quiltingmama20 said...

Been there, done that! You will live through it, but, if he's really lucky your husband will at least catch your cold. Better than being klunked with that frying pan, lol. In the meantime, keep your house thermometer low and a sweater handy. Oh, and a towel, too. Need that to mop up the sweat those hot flashes will cause. Now if you're not completely miserable, go find a nice bottle of wine, lol.

quiltmom said...

Hi Lynn,
I am glad that I checked further down your profile and found your blog- I loved this post and I sure can relate- I am 51 and recognize many of these same symptoms- Don't you love it when you feel out of sorts for no reason. My son knows most of the time when to stay out of my way- the joys of being in the change.
I will add your blog to my favorites and look forward to seeing what is new with you.

Purple Pam said...

It gets better, and it gets worse. You have a lot of sister quilters engaged in the same activity. I have been there and done that. Hang in there. That doesn't sound like much help, but it is the best advice I know.

Victoria said...

I'm going through that fun peri-menopausal thing too.
Men could not handle being a woman and all it entails, no way, no how! Hope you feel better soon.

floribunda said...

You'll live through it, believe me! And not having periods anymore does make up for a lot of the aggravation you're going through now...
Love your blog. Keep the attitude!