Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Fling and Saturday Quiltshow

Its been a wonderful week off and boy did I need it. I didn't work quite as hard as I should have on fall clean up in the yard but darn I loved the week off.
Friday I found the energy to tackle the wall of quilting stuff which for the past 9 months has been sitting in my living room. My bad. In the effort of taming the stash monster I had totes full of stuff, and I had no idea what was left in them. So I started sorting. I found my patterns and kits for up coming projects that I swear that I wouldn't start until I did a few UFOs. I still love the patterns and will attempt them in the future after Christmas maybe. My DH just about fell over when he got home and could see the wall.

Total totes emptied and sorted 5 and that left me with 2 full totes put away in the room with my fabric cupboard. The cupboard was a whimsy that DH picked up. Its a little pine garden style shed with shelving. Its smells great. I lined the shelving and walls with clear shelf lining so I can still see the wood but my stash that could fit in there is now protected from any fluids that may seep from the pine boards. I still have 3 plastic drawer carts to organize. These contain my sewing machines feet and bobins , odd rulers and other numerous bits. Each are for different machines so I am half way there. Still have 4 bins in my bedroom to sort but all in good time.

I have earmarked a couple of patterns, one to my Secret Santa Partner from Chookyblue's SSCS
. I may even make a layer cake with my stash for *&^%#* in $^(*&)*^@ as part of my SSCS
I have another pattern for a Pay it forward that I am going to be doing later this fall.

Yesterday was a quiltshow at Pineridge Church. Very pretty quilts and some that are WOW . I took some pictures and loaded them onto the computer last evening and DH said they were okay but not particularly liked by him. He doesn't like the 2 colour quilts and said they were not as nice as mine. And the others needed more colours. Dear Man that gave him brownie points from me because I love making scrappy quilts.

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swooze said...

I have organized some but still need to do more. It makes me fully aware of what I have and has helped keep me from buying! Keep it up, you soon will be done.