Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well last night was a restless night. I sat in my bed searching out poems. Not that I am a big poem enthusiast but rather somber task of searching for the perfect poem for my mothers memorial in the paper. On Saturday it will be 2 years that she has passed.
With each season the remembering becomes less painful. We sat with her those 9 days in the hospital taking turns sitting with her. There are happy little moments in those days of quiet resolve that she was going to leave us behind and that we better get our sh*t together. We bickered with each other as we were want to do. Striking up a surge of emotions that we could not voice. Helping her get up one moment she quite angrily shot " Why don't you start listening." I quite smartly answered her question with " After 41 years why on earth would I start now." She started laughing at that moment and agreed with me. My aunt was with us and was surprised at the vocalization of dissatisfaction and the laughter from both of us. It was how we communicated. We were to much alike to get on well together. Truth be told we never quite sure how too. I look back at our numerous arguments and think how silly and petty. She had me at quite a young age and I believe we both grew into adulthood at the same time, which in turn would explain why our arguments were more suited to siblings than mother and daughter.
Hug your family today folks
Hugs and blessings to all

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Mary said...

Lynn, I'm sorry for your loss. We were at Arlington this past week visiting the site my FIL is buried - I was very close to him and we cared for him in the last few months of his life. I still miss him and my Dad who's been gone 20 years.