Friday, March 21, 2008


Well here goes my ufo list
Alien landscape,Log Cabin, Fat Cat, Coneflower, baby rail quilt, Pink sweetheart quilt, rag quilt, 3 snowmen wall hangings, Scrappy Triangles, Starry Night quilt, 3 lone star quilts, Buckeye beauty and last but not least my oldest charm quilt to which I have used as a practice quilt for applique, Machine quilting using my strange but new feet attachements. Last one has about 1 foot of quilting left to do and then the binding yippee. I am having piecing withdrawals though. I have all that beautiful fabric that I want to cut into and make a few of Bonnie"s patterns. Soon as soon as I finish 2 quilts then I can piece one. In the mean time the blocks for 3 BOMs are arriving adding to my overflowing tubs. . sheesh that 17 of them ... scary thing is I might not have got them all.
I need help. lol


swooze said...

Is that the order you want to get them done? Just pick three or four to concentrate on and put the rest our of your mind. Even make one a new project if you want. It is less overwhelming. If you look at my sidebar I have a ToDo list and behind the scenes everything is there but I set the option to only show 4 items. It helps! Let's see some pics of what you are working on!

Quilting Diva said...

Hiya Lynn. I like your alien Landscape. is that the one you did in Gimli last year? I hung mine up about a month ago LOL.