Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alien Landscape UFO

Well hear is another UFO . I started this in a class January 07. I didn't care for the colorways that I had then so it hit the UFO pile I found it again and used some really ugly batik brown thing some fancy yarn and some tulle now it looks better. At least I like it now. I have to quilt it by Tuesday. I will be adding other embellishments beads and such at the Little Britain Hall then. I need something that will pull the water feature into the foreground any suggestions people. In the mean time DH is starting to day to pull down the drywall in the kitchen because we have to have all the electrical and drywall up primed and painted by the time my cupboards arrive. So my sewing time that's already at a minimal time will get even shorter. I love the idea of having cupboards i just don't like it cutting into my sewing time. And it will since I set up my machines in the kitchen. I am looking forward to putting out my Grandmothers and my own china since a number of the cupboards will have glass fronts. I just have to find space for all my addictions like machines tubs and totes and drawers full of thread. I will gladly post a pic of the cupboards when they all are up and the counter top is in.


swooze said...

Welcome back! You are in the ring now.

Karen in WI said...

Think about using Angelina in the water - gives a great shine and looks like water. You can mix colors and make it looks so real.

Will put you in my blog list.