Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shop Hopping

I was so sure I was going to be able to keep up with the blogging thing but i got sidetracked. I am doing the January Bunny Shop Hop. OH I could hardly contain I didn't. So now I have 20 fat quarters of Black and White  or White and Black on there way to my home as we speak.

I also found some cool halloween purple with skulls tonal print I went and got 3 yards of that. I do have a project for that particular yardage when it arrives. I started ages ago on Bonnie Hunters Orange Crush. Well I didn't go for her color scheme and went with Black instead of neutrals and what ever bright and lively colours I had in my stash so the work in progress is Halloween Crush. That purple will be the best border and binding. 

I phoned and ordered the Beige Behemoth Quilt Block of the month but I only did that so I could get some more neutrals in my stash from the Sew Sisters Shop in Ontario.  I mean I have the Block of the month pattern because I ordered it last year but I figured that they will be using new fabric lines in neutrals and this was the easiest way to get them .  I mean I don't go out and look for Beige Fabric. I don't like Beige so I don't go to the store and go and say I need BEIGE! I go out and look at PURPLE  and ORANGE and buy those instead.  It is logical in my own mind.  

I tried ordering a few more things from another shop with Paypal but I couldn't remember my passwords , One to get into my email and two my paypal account.  I think this was just a sign that I should stop shopping so  I kinda stopped oh but the window shopping was great. The only thing that was missing was the fabric fondling. 

There is a couple of designers that I am being drawn to but haven't purchased anything of their lines. The fabulous Kaffe Fasset and Phillip Jacobs. There colors and style are kinda funky and I haven't found any of their lines here in local shops so I will be good for now and save up for the hundred yard dash for fabric sometime in my future.

So what have i been doing ... lets see I washed my floors on my hands and knees with the toothbrush for the small cracks in the hardwood floors.  With Taco and JJ drooling and dragging food all over the floor and the 7 year old cookie monster that I have been watching for the past week  It was time. That is it for housework. That is enough don't you think?

 I also cut out 124 1.5 inch squares in darks for one project I started 2 years ago. Its a medalion BOM. I mean I have all the stuff here and it was one of my projects of the day thing. Another one was 2.5 inch squares for a Christmas gift of a table runner for next Christmas.  I am off to an early start because I know I will end up quilting it around the 20th of December 2011 if my  track record holds true.

If you can't tell my lovely cat Wicket was very curious about what was on my mat and wouldn't leave until I took a picture of  her.

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Purple Pam said...

Ohhhh, I can't wait to see your Halloween Crush! Cute kitty. Go over to Wanda's blog (Exuberant Color) and see what she is doing with Kaffe fabrics. Wonderful!