Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3 Blatherings

I am going to wander off and cry for a while. If you haven't heard Crazy Mom Quilts is (sob) quitting her blog. Oh I know she doesn't need me in her life blog stalking her anymore but what else am I to do? I mean what other meaningful non relationships can I commit to? Who wants me blog stalking them? Is it you? Like I know you show up here  every once and a while but are you my type?

HA!  Now you are thinking I am really crazy .... well according to my meds that is a yah.

Al l I need now is for you to see my ever expanding stash and you would know  "Yup that girl has a problem or two".

New purchases for the new year. 10 meters of Batiks ... 40% off  yeah!. Gotta have them  because I am doing a paper piecing nightmare. You know the ones that Judy N  what ever her name is makes look eazy peezy  I also did some online shopping. oops. I know paying off the credit card is supposed to decrease the debt , not give me more $ to spend on online SEX (Stash Enhancing Expeditions)
Well I am off to get humanized so I may go out in public so I can pick up the required workbook for another workshop I will be taking in 2 weeks. Got the date sticky post it on the fridge. Wrath will be mine if anyone moves it.
This post will self  djasdlo.......aidf......asdi;................ik......................eek..........

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