Friday, January 8, 2010

Strip Twist n Stuff

What happens when you let a fabric crazed woman whos going through menopause loose in her stash ?

I ended up with this while I was cutting  the strips of 2.5 inch fabrics that I cut for my girlie Strip Twist designed by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.  What happened is that I got distracted and started doing something else and the next thing I know I have this pile of stuff laying on top of my strips.  I KNOW  I put them right there!.
Any way  messed got moved and I located my 9 inch strips that I had cut for my  Strip Twist that had become the Project for the day.  

Project for the Day started because of the Chaos of my projects was getting out of hand. I figured that if I work on one project a day for the next year I might have a few finishes instead of just starts and UFO's.  ( I have a short attention span.) Who am I kidding I LOVE new projects and all that yummy goodness of  crisp Best Pressed fabric waiting to be cut.  Back to the Project of the day, this isn't a resolution its just a way to keep me focused (pretty hard) on one project for a day to work on.  I have no deadlines, no pressure just some good clean sewing fun.

I had started the  Strip Twist some time in the past 2 years  and just did a few blocks here and there.  So I ended up with these blocks. Not done yet.

Because yesterday I had cut , lost found and then sewn these bits together. there are 50 pairs of strips to make 25 blocks to whip together. I think I need to make another 30 pairs for the size I want. 

Not leaving Wednesday  out but I  was working on the never ending pile of half square triangles to do the  pinwheels in my OTR . I chose to do the pinwheels in purple so they stand out a bit and my leader and enders  have no purple in them.  They have to be pressed open and then sewn into 4 patches.   The bricks in this project was cut out when Bonnie first started this in what seems like ages ago. 
Lets see what trouble I can create in my sewing today.
Be Safe and use a Klutz glove.  I gotta get me one of those.



Candace said...

That is going to be girly, and very pretty. I love the strip twist pattern, I made a giant one for my grandson, and a little one for DH and I to cover the fuse box. Haven't finished the little one yet. I have the fabrics for my OTR, but haven't started yet. Good intentions, and now I have started Amy's BOM and thinking of doing another one. I think my DH is right, I should finish some things.

Sunna Reyr said...

I like what you say about no deadlines and no pressure, wish I could get that laid back. I like your color choices for the strip quilt. I'm trying to put more pink in my projects, don't understand why I have to make my self use pink as it is a color I like.