Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday and Saturday Gone Frogging

As many of you know Frogging  a polite term for ripping the damn sewing out that you just did to fix the f@%# mistake that Is Glaringly apparent in the piece once it is almost complete.

I was working on my third panel for a scrappy Bargello ( Another Bonnie Hunter Quilt) and well its not matching the 2 panels already sewn. After counting and matching colors in the panel I figured it out. One too many strips. Okay that shouldn't hold me up to much.  Oh I was sooooo WRONG.

I turned it around and starting frogging and it came out fairly quickly. I took out what I thought was the offending piece and sewn the tube back together. Still was not matching ... I took out the wrong piece ... back to frogging This time I marked the piece with  a quilting safety pin.  Again took out the correct piece this time and stitched it back together....  What I forgot to do was return the piece that I took out the first time by this time I was getting seriously Peeved. (again polite term). Back to Frogging

I finally got that piece together right number of strips sewn back into a tube ready for cutting into strips. Pressed and set aside while I took out the next panel It too had one to many strips. Caught it before I cut into strips yeah!.. so  I set it aside with the other panel and went and had a cup of coffee.  So I could have a fresh start  on Saturday so I would  feel better if I got the panels cut into strips and done into the panels again.
Saturday bright and early 7 am after taking the dogs out I was completely awake because it was Frigging Cold out  I decided I would put on the coffee and start back on the panels since Friday was a wash for project a day

  .   I matched up the fifth panel and was grateful that it matched. So I cut it. What I didn't count on is that I matched it to the one that I didn't take that offending strip out.  Now since there was Three panels with and extra strip same .     I matched up the colours to the panels that I already had sewn together and  What the F@%#  one extra strip but now I had cut the  panel into strips grrrrrrrr.  Did that mean that the first two panels that were already sewn were the actual wrong panels   and I forgot to put a strip in. ??? I now notice that my colours are not matching and there is a green not where it is supposed to be and a red that extra in 2 others.  I remember why I put it away in the first place. Question to all you quilters, do I just give in and sew it the way it is sewn or  rip some more.

What is going to be my project today?


swooze said...

Argh! I think I would go with what I could live with. If you don't like that green take it out. If you can...leave it. How frustrating.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I'm so sorry--but I know how you feel. Do you know I cut the borders for a quilt TO SHORT twice?! Arrgh, I was trying to cut them in one long piece off a bolt, and finally got it right the 3rd time!

Purple Pam said...

I have sewn two of those Scrappy Bargello quilts. I had different issues with each one, but not too bad. I would just sew up what you have and call it a variation of the pattern and be happy to go on to the next project.