Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day

Any way this is a frontal of my new baby. I have to move some stash around to get her settled in her new home. DH has been rumbling about having to move stuff around. lol
Its really hard to sit and sew right now. I had big plans to finish this Scrappy Bargello. But my stash keeps looking at me. I turn around and there a FQ or two sitting, staring at me. Am I supposed to feel guilty over not using them? I could cut out another kit for myself but I already have 5 kits cut up. What do they want to be in? There is nothing fabulous about them .... what to do with them. Not to mention I found some flimsies on my bookcase. I know I didn't make them, they must have moved in over the winter from some other quilters house.

And then there is a postage stamp swap. What was I thinking. 1. 5 squares . Seriously do I really need to have 1250 square running loose in my house. What if they multiply. Worse yet hide and then multiply. My house would be over run with those little beggars and I would never get them all. A friend , and I will use the term loosely mentioned " Oh I picked out a cross stitch pattern and I made that into a quilt from stash with postage stamps". Okay what would I do , Its going to happen I have been looking at cross stitch patterns looking for inspiration. I was completely happy with making an triple irish chain a few days ago with these squares.
Did I mention I have a short attention span.
Then there is the garden. Some big azz weeds are yelling at me "Nah nah". Some of the beds have been taken over by some seriously tough and nasty thistles. They are daring me to pull them out. The tiger lilies are threating to move out of the bed. There is actually a few daring babies in my lawn. I can't just run them over with the mower. They are beauuuuuuutiful flowers. That means I am going to make another flower bed sometime in the near future so my flowers can have their babies. I am such a sucker.
This is my fur baby Taco Bell. She is not very inpressed with me right now. It being 33 degrees celius with the humidex that is hot so I cooled her off with Big Dumb Dog at the creek. BDD jumped right in happier than a pig in S*#@. He swam around for a good half hour just happy to be swimming. Taco being a city gal that was raised in an apartment before she came home with me was above going in the creek. She needed convincing that cool water was a good thing. She is still not convinced but she was really energized once she was cooled off. I had ended up carrying her out to the water up to my knees and I faced her to the shore and I slowly lowered her into the cool water. She paddled furiously to shore cooled off but not impressed with me. She won't even look at me right now as you can see and the swim was 4 hours ago.
To All the Canadians today "Happy Canada Day"

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