Sunday, July 13, 2008

Orts of time

Well the word Ort has been a bit of a conversation piece on stashbusters. I like it. I think I will use this word a lot . My sewing has been on orts of time for the past week, my quilts are Ort quilts, I have orts of time to plan a design. hehe love it.
Seriously though I have had only orts of time to sew and I have had such big plans. Big thunder boomers out and my power goes, my furbaby goes into hysterics, and my $*^%^$ roof started leaking. We just had the roof redone a few years ago and as far as I am concerned it shouldn't be doing the leaking thing. Friday say 3:00 am, Taco has hysterics in bed and I being now awake started to listen for the trees to fall over on our house, but 30 minutes awake and one quivering dog later I hear the first PLOP, power is out so now its where is the now continuous plops coming from. Plop, plop, plop and it is now official I have a leaky roof.

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