Monday, June 30, 2008

New Baby is home

Well got your attention. Actually I purchased a lovely old Treadle. She was manufactured in 1915 in Quebec. Shes a little worn as you can see but she still sews. She came with her original manual and attachments. You can't see it in this picture but she has great cabinet with a few age spots there is carving around the drawer knobs and a raised design on the sides. Since I have always wanted a treadle and the one that I learned on is across the street in my cousins home I had to get this one. I don't know her name yet. For a 93 year old lady she was well taken care of. I had seen younger plain jane models for absolutely ridiculous prices with no character and are seized in need of refinishing.
When I picked her up today the owner said her mother bought it and since she is now moving there is no room for her. Aren't I the lucky one, and my DH didn't even say a thing when I came home with a new sewing machine. Grand total to date is 6 machines. My goal now is to get a long arm. Research time. and well start saving my money again so back to no buy for now. Besides I think I have enough stash to work on for a "few" quilts.
Any way its time I worked on the Scrappy Bargello. I have one more panel to start and finish and then I have one panel that I have to frog I missed one color in the panel so its one short and I don't really want to change my layout. I believe my fabric total for this is 160 different fabrics and I haven't even thought of the border yet.
I think I will take a peek at Bonnie's site

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Candace said...

It's beautiful. I got a featherweight a month or so ago, and took it in to be serviced today. I'm supposed to get it back in a few days, and I'm hoping then that it will sew. Your treadle looks wonderful.