Friday, April 4, 2008

Orange crush

Well these are the color I have chosen at this moment to be in the Orange crush mystery. I have asked do I really want to change the dark prints to black would that work for this pattern. who knows ... Well Bonnie knows so I sent her the question. Knowing how absolutely busy she is I don't know when I will get an answer. The green tonal is way off my comfort zone but hey i have to use it sometime. My past forays into scrappy quilts are usually more autumn colors with a few zingers thrown in for a bit of a punch . This one looks like its going to go for a halloween party. That is my all time favorite holiday.
Yesterday I started my day off by having breakfast with DS. I ended up going to the big city just to have breakfast with him. I miss him since he moved to Winnipeg. We don't get together as much as we used to since he is off to work when I am getting home from work. I am off work today as well so I think I will be scrounging through the bins to find all the bright colors and cutting up 2 inch strips. The majority of my stash is FQs so I always have an assortment of stuff for the scrap quilts. I would like to make this one more controlled so we will see.
Currently working on a basket weave top. I have been sewing and cutting 1.5 in strips into 4.5 strips. I didn't realize how many I would need so I began by cutting out of the sewn 1.5 , the 4.5 that I need for this quilt , 1.5 for four patches, 2.5 for something in the future and another 4.5 for Rail fence ... I think. Hell I don't even remember if I told you all this in my last post. lol. All the left overs will go into a string quilt or crumb quilt. either way what ever I am sewing I know I will have a large assortment of Leaders and Enders now. lol

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Helen in the UK said...

That turq gives a real 'zing'!! Isn't Bonnie using black as one of her main fabrics? Good luck with your stash taming :)