Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just so you all can get a chuckle I set off the panic alarm in the
reception area of a Government office of Canada that I work in. Forces of Good ran to my rescue as I tried to stop the alarm from continuing its horrendous sound. Directors , my manager, my supervisor, co-workers, Assistant heads and all big brawny male types came running to my rescue some from the basement of the building. (I am on the 3rd floor) Me in my complete embarrassment Turning a full fire engine red have been accepting of the ribbing I have been enduring since that days lovely afternoon festivities. I in my apparent stupidity went
" oh whats this"
and stuck my finger in the hole of a little tiny box and as the mind slowly
kicked into gear thinking to myself "This must be the" and then the alarm
went off. I knew at the very second of inserting my finger exactly what
it was and have been firing off apologies to all parties involved in my
rescue. So how is your week going?

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Fluffy said...

That reminds me of when we first moved into this house. The former owner had put in an alarm system. When we bought the house, she told us the password and handed us a booklet. The alarm was linked to several things that she never mentioned. I had to put the tech on speed dial. I even had to call on Christmas day.