Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quilts and Wild Thang

Well I have recieved complaints from a few people that I haven't been writing enough. I just haven't had anything to say. Well this is the quilt that I basted and am currently machine quilting. Since this is one of my favorite Scrappy Quilts i figured that i would show it here. Once it is finished quilting i will probably show it again. The fabric from this quilt is scraps left over from hundreds of fat Quarters . Scrappy is the way to go for me. When i take a picture of the log cabin i did it is with the same fabrics the colours look so different. I will put it up. Maybe tomorrow.
Well this was a project of insanity. There is hundreds of half square triangles. My husband thought that i was losing it. 2 inch half square triangles. He doesnt' really appreciate the cursing and the work that went into matching all those points. It isn't perfect but what is really? Heres a close up look at those darn 2 inch half squares. Previously to this i was a not one to pin . It made other quilters shudder when i told them that i usually wing it and not pin. I actually took the time for this one. hense the cursing. I was stabbed by pins . Poked and stabbed. My hands looked like there was crazed sugar testing being done on my hands.

Any way today i went on a field trip to a nearby town of Beaujejour. ( i probably spelt that wrong) for a quilt show. It was great the ladies there put on a really nice show. There was Challenge quilts, they were using Blues as the challenge fabric.
There was a number of absolutely gorgeous quilts. Doll quilts, miniature, wall quilts , bed quilts , and tree skirts. The bottom two quilts are made by Melissa M. They are her original works and I love the red and yellow one . Its called WILD THANG. In this piece she has couched yellow yarn in the vertical red strips and it just adds a zing. P.S. I have her permission to post a picture of her quilt. I had on of just the yellow but it was blurry so you get to see 2 of her works.

I had gone there not expecting to know any one and low and behold I ran into Ursula of Gimli fame. She was there with her daughter. While I visited a bit and went around the hall and church twice , she went off to go see another show in East St. Paul. I plan on going tomorrow.
thats it for now but i will add a new posting later tonight. Ciao


swooze said...

I love your scrappy quilt! You did a great job. I didn't complain about you not posting but did begin to worry aboout you! Good to see you posting.

Kathy Wagner said...

So glad to see you are safe and sound and quilting away! Great scrap are you quilting it??

Rhonda said...

Wonderful scrap quilt!

Judy said...

Beautiful scrap quilt!! I echo your sentiments on all those points!

Bonnie said...

Wow!! This is my favorite kind of scrap quilt! there is anything and everything in here, and it just sings!


Melinda said...

I love the scrap quilt - so colorful and happy!

swooze said...

Hope you are ok. You havent blogged in quite awhile so I temporarily moved you to the pending queue. Hope to hear from you soon!