Sunday, April 1, 2007

Blanket stitch Applique classes

This was a lonestar top that I had done for a raffle a few years ago I just found the disk that the picture was on. I did it for Lil ' Peguis Ceremony Grounds. Not the best of pictures I had to take the picture with it laying on the floor and me standing way back to get most of it in. Not my favorite just because I had paperpieced a round to get smaller diamonds in one row. But I was happy with the end result.

Well these two masterpieces are from my classes I took on the 31, and 1st. The one that looks like a big orange egg is actually the body of a fat cat. Unfortunately this was as far as I got before having to leave for the day . The class was done by Inez D. You Manitoba gals should know who that is. The class was Machine Blanketstitch Applique. Since I am a piecer this is all new to me. So like before I am moving out of my comfort zone to learn a new skill. Inez's work is fantastic. And she made it look so easy. cutting templates of freezer paper and ironing around the 1/4 seam , measuring and tacking in place. My only complaint was i didn't have enough time to do more . Meaning I have another WIP.
But before I could do any sewing I had to phone my husband to do me a small favor . Seems in the excitement of leaving for class I forgot a few things. My foot pedal and my power cord. Seems pretty important things to forget. And of course since I didn't know what pattern I was going to use I brought the patterns and fabric for 3 projects, in a small suite case. I had to bother people for pencils for marking the freezer paper. I brought my travel iron nice and hot but forgot my pad to iron on.
Todays class went a little smoother but someone ordered snow and it was a greasy slippery ride into the Peg to get to class. This one was fusible applique and thread painting. Its going to be coneflowers. So far I have attached the stems and leaves and starting the button hole applique stitch on the stems. Yes another WIP.
WIPS actively on the go 6, attentions span for myself to complete said WIPs 0. Plus I have 3 BOM that started in January , haven't touched them yet. . ... I need a sewing room to spread my projects out in. My DH is feeling a little crowded out by my quilting fabric and all the tubs and totes and my machines. Oh well maybe I won the 649 and I can have a magestic sewing palace of my dreams. Better go and check my numbers.


Kathy Wagner said...

I have done that before...went to a class and left my foot pedal and cords at home...ugh!
Hope you win the 649!

swooze said...

You have some nice work here. I am trying to branch out on my skills as well. Keep it up!

Greenmare said...

I love you big orange egg/cat
when finished will it want to eat lazagne like Garfield?

Jeanne said...

I'll be watching for the rest of that cat to appear. :-D The only problem I have with taking classes is that the time always runs out before I'm done.
So much excitement and energy in class and once I get home...