Friday, April 6, 2007

Flooding 2007

Spring time here on the praries mean well snow rain high temps and low temps. Last week we had wonder +9 degree weather everything soggy and it rained melting the snow even faster.

This past couple of days well Somebody opened the floodgates south of winnipeg and now we are flooded again. There is only one direct road from Selkirk to East Selkirk and now its flooded. And then it froze right back up flooded.

This is the road I would normally take to go to the grocery store. as you can tell I am having a bit of a problem with that.

The ice pack has buckled and broken for at least 4 miles and its all jammed up. Since that happened the tempertures have fallen freezing the slush around all those big chunks of ice and its not moving. With the road closed it is a 15 k trip around going south through lockport or north to the big bridge. From the big bridge it is all ice chunks all the way into Selkirk. Wednesday night my cousins Omma was evacuated from her condo because the bottom of her building filled up with river water. They built a dike system to protect these apartment from this happening they built them upt to the hieght of the 1997 flood thus ensuring that the flooding couldn't happen again...RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHT.

The municipality also built the dikes up around the Selkirk Park and The Marine Museum. Now to me the Marine museum is special the boats that are housed there more than a few of my uncles and great uncles worked these boats when Selkirk was the home of Selkirk Fisheries. Long time ago I used to wait at the docks with my mother and grandparents and watch the boats come in waiting to see my uncle Snake Island Slim , its a bit of a colourful name but he is a bit of a characture and it suites him. I digress back to the museum.

There is a lighthouse there that my grampa ran for the government after he came back from WWII. This was on Black Bear Island. Their home was on a nearby island called Matheson Island ( Previously called Snake Island I don't know why they changed the name)

Any way this is the lighthouse that was my grampas and inside there is carved into the wood the names of my Uncle and my mom. I actually had my Wedding photos taken in front of the lighthouse and on the Kenora. Just keeping family history alive folks. Actually I will probably do some fundraising to help them out If anything is selvagable. It takes a lot of work and $ to keep this Museum open. I don't even think they recovered financially from the Flooding that happened in 1997

Any way I will put up a few more pics and then I am planning to work on something quilty. Maybe one of the swaps that I am now saying what am I doing signing up for this many in a 2 month period. 3.5 inch 9 patches. 10 per set. or may be the strip swap with 10 per set, or the row robin, or the monthly block swap, the row robin, or maybe work on the big orange egg or coneflower wall hangings. Or I could .......


swooze said...

Thanks for the little tour. Please stay safe...flooding is so dangerous. Let us know what quilty thing you do!

Kathy Wagner said...

We read about these dangers in the newspaper here in Ontario this morning. Hope you are safely above the flood.

Carole said...

Thanks for a tour of your town. We had some flooding in our town but not like yours. Keep safe. Happy quilting!

Greenmare said...

Thanks for the picture show! Stay safe! Remember to put your stash up high~

Nicole and Phil said...

they are amazing pictures of the ice! Thanks for sharing!