Monday, January 29, 2007

Its not what you think

Sex Farts and UFO's don't mean what you think , I am not out of my mind. (sort of). Its a lovely bunch of words that describe my life as a sometimes quilter , an all the time piecer, a stashaholic and my desire to enhance said stash with new stash.
Stash multiplies sometimes apparently on its own. I look at a piece of fabric that I pulled out of a bag and say I don't know when I got this , I don't remember buying it.

quick lesson #1

UFOs are UnFinished Objects. I Don't know any quilter that doesn't have at least one.

SEX is Stash Enhancing eXpedition

FART-- Fabric Acquistion Road Trip ( most trips to the city end up as one since my local fabric store closed and wally world opened)

I gave my darling husband a quick lesson on different parts of a stash. Crumbs are the iddy biddy pieces that a sane person would throw out. I only keep them if they are over 1 1/2 inches. ha.

strings are the long strips that I cut off fat quarters and yardage to square up an edge, sometimes i messed up a cut and have to start over again. Both of these items I have been hoarding in bags , totes and bins mixed together all willy nilly. I came up with the idea to separate the multitude of crumbs and strings into there own bins thus allowing myself the opportunity to see what I have and use the new scrapsaver ruler that I just purchased from my Fav QS.

The first time my husband saw my stash in all its glory he jokingly said I had enough fabric to make a house cozy. ... and he married me anyways.

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