Friday, October 23, 2009

I remember!!!

I Remember !!! Tonight I have to get my crap together for a workshop.  As for the buns  well I just have to make a trip to the bakery again.  I still haven't decided on what I am going to work on. I have so many WIPs and UFO's its kinda hard to decide.  

I could work on my many leaders and enders that I have maybe make something out them work on my Orange Crush. I think though I desperately need to be able to do something that I can finish in one day.
I have been good for not starting to many new projects (yeah right) and I am sick of squaring up half square triangles for my Old Tobacco Road. 

Worse comes to worse I could also cut out that evil pink satin for the Halloween costume that my niece weedled me into making.   I hate cutting satin and I hate sewing it . darn stuff slides all over the place.   
Anyone else have that as a pet peeve?

Hugs everyone

ps. isn't he the kewlest Alien.

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Sweet P said...

Have fun tomorrow! I'm glad you remembered.

PS - It's great to see you posting again.