Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween costumes

Basically around this time of year my sister has this fantastic idea that I want to make her and her kids halloween outfits.  eh not really but I will do it.
I am making a corset for my sister. she wants to be a sexy witch lol. Okay wear a corset for a full evening see how you like it ( I am putting boning in).  The girls out fit is a fit of 8 yards of that cheap pink satin to make a very girly princess's dresses....far cry from the dead brides all  the girls were last year.
I have been making halloween outfits  and there makeup for my family for decades....Dragons & Demons, Baby Dolls and Ninja Turtles.  Lady bugs  and fairies The most fun I had was the Demon. I had rented it out a few times after my son used it. Each time it one a prize.  I had built this head with spray foam and paper mache and hooked up red light where the eyeballs where supposed to be  attached the battery pack. Voila creepy glowing eyes.  Unfortunately that is one costume that I don't seem to have a picture of.
Yesterday found me hunting down sites with spooky stuff with instructions.  Go here if you want to see some really fantastic props.  If you have any any homemade Halloween  props, outfits or quilts that you want to share with me and others. Leave me a comment maybe I can get a list started...

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