Friday, September 11, 2009

Quilty hugs for everyone

When we stood still the towers fell. Where were you when we all stood still. For some, time stood still and never went forward for them. We stood still and watched in horror, terror and in shame. We stood still and waited for word from friends, lovers, family. For some it never came and the tears for their losses have not stopped.

I do not understand why, Tell me why. For the first time in my life I felt utterly afraid. Of what would follow the attacks of the Towers. Of what they would do in response to these attacks. Of what might be the world my children would live in.

Hell what type of world do we live in? When Mothers kill their own babies, Fathers rape and abuse their daughters and hold them in captivity for their own sick needs. When Sons learn that abusing others is the norm and no longer the exception. When Daughters believe that sex is love and have children of their own before they are in high school.

I burrow into my quilt and wrap those I love in the quilts I have made for them. The quilters that I have met and the ones whose blogs I follow , I don’t see that ugly world in their lives. It touches our quilty world but we seem to rally round and still wrap each other in warmth , kindness, friendship and family. If only we could wrap every one in quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Glad to see you back. Hope all is well/better with you.