Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Past

Visits from Christmas past. These are pictures from the first Christmas with out my mom. I am glad I took pictures although my heart wasn't in it that year. My favorite little girl Sierra Rose. She is one ball of energy. We have a pic of the Einarson women and that isn't even all of us.When at my mother in laws AKA Ruby, Santa comes for a visit. All the little ones and a few big kids get their pictures done with him and then the Chaos ensues. Shrieks and squeals as presents are handed out with a few helpers. Big Dumb Dog aka JJ. He is such a big sucky baby. He is so happy it was hard to get him to sit still for just a moment to get this shot.

Just a few more days and the chaos of Christmas at my mother inlaws will start. Jokes and laughter, young and old, friends and family will all gather for a meal and then wait for Santa. There are a few more little ones who have arrived on the scene since these pictures were taken. New memories to be made, new stories to tell, new babies to cuddle. Family time. Isn't it going to be great!

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