Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well it occurred to me that I was really really addicted to fabric. Since I have been stuck getting home so late I haven't been able to go to a store any store really and well you would think that is a good thing. Nope I have discovered that online stores are open 24/7 and my paypal account is in good standing. So where was my fabric fix coming from?
I found one store that was clearing out fat quarters, all for only a dollar each. I bought 50.. , and before that I purchased 10 yards of Kona Snow. Another store I got 5 FQ bundles of specific colours. Reds, Blues, Greens, Beiges and Blacks. Thats another 40 fat quarters. ( I fondled these ones this weekend since they arrived.) In another two shops I found Layer cakes and now I have Layer cakes and jelly rolls soon to be arriving.

Saturday I went to the grocery store and since there was only housework to do, I started out to the evil new store in Stonewall. That store is crammed full of goodies. I actually had to start saying "I do not need more fabric" as a sort of mantra to turn me around and get myself back home.
I never thought of myself as having an addictive personality but wow. I had recently paid off my visa in full and just from fabric shopping my bill is going to be huge again this month.
I know for certain my addiction cannot be hid from my husband because of the number of parcels that have been arriving. I can't just stuff them in my bag and sneak them into the house. Gone are the days when I could only afford one or two FQs and those were easily snuck into the stash.

I also been asking myself do I need help? Yes... Do I want help? I am 60/40 on that question. Is my addiction affecting my daily life. Sometimes, It looks like a fabric shop exploded in my house and that just freaks out DH. Is my addiction causing harm to others. Nope, family and friends get quilts from me.
So why am I complaining? Because DH (its always the mans fault) hasn't started building my studio yet. I have to stop buying until I have space of my own just for my toys and stuff. Until then I have DH tucking JJ under my stuff. Doesn't he look like he is enjoying being under My quilt. The Quilt that I purposely made for myself. ( and I am still doing the binding)..... He does look cute all tucked in though. AAWWWWWWW. He is such a sucky baby dog.


swooze said...

Oh do I know what you mean. I don't go unles I need something. Then I have to work at not looking around. I found Halloween fabric on clearance for $2 a yard and came home with 14 yards. Sigh...

Purple Pam said...

I think I should start a Fabriholics Anonymous Club. I will become a charter member. I have so much fabric stashed all over the house. I do not have room for any more - nothing. Even if I sewed all my fabric into quilts, I would need to give all those quilts away because they would take up storage space as well! I feel your pain!

Marsha said...

What a great picture! My girls, Boxers, also love their quilts....well for that matter they love batting, pieces of fabric and anything soft to lay on. Dogs are such babies, gotta love them. :-) I just got a bit of a fabric fix today and looked at a long arm machine. Just dreaming. LOL There is always a little more room for fabric, the sock drawer works well for fat quarters!!

Catherine said...

Fabriholicism is fun! And there are always places to hide a bit -- like FQ's between the box springs and mattress (extra insulation) or forget cooking and use the oven as storage. :-)