Monday, March 12, 2007

depression sucks

Somedays it is hard to get out of bed. specially if i get up and I am faced with mounds upon mounds of unsorted fabric. Its all washed but its not folded or ironed or placed in color order. My husband was in a snit about all my fabric .... I told him "I NEED A SEWING ROOM NOW"
We have c0me to an agreement .... we spend one weekend on a room start to finish new lighting insulation drywall new window , closet space voila. A room to place my bins, in the closet of course with the exception of the stuff I am working on. Unfortunately I usually have at least 4 or 5 things going on so I don't get bored or frustrated. Today I spent the day working on blocks for a Buckeyed beauty quilt and cutting 2.5 inch strips from stash. I have enough for a lap quilt but I figure I can attack my stash and make it even bigger. 12 of the blocks I got in a swap that was fun. I realized that my stash has changed I had been purchasing brights and colorful materials as opposed to the relaxed autumn colors. I think the next thing I will cut out will be brights so I can make a black and bright quilt, but i have to finish another log cabin first. No pictures this time .... I am embarassed of the stash sty that I have made...I am going back to bed.


swooze aka Suzette said...

Welcome to the webring. Keep working at the piles a little at a time. It will all come together eventually.

Jennie said...

You are not alone if that helps!!!

Quilting Diva said...

Hey long time no see.