Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a peek

This is what I got back from  my LA.  Fabulous!!!
It is  Bonnie Hunters  smokey mountain stars in batiks.  I have to get this labeled and bound for the upcoming quilt show in Winnipeg.   If I get my but in gear I might be able to finish another one.

I just think that these nickel and quarter size pebbles are just the thing for this quilt.
I have finished the flimsy of my girly quilt. the Strip Twist. I will take a photo outside if its sunny out.
For now I will just go and cut some strips for DSD Graduation Quilt.


Sunna Reyr said...

Not only fabulous, but beautiful too. You both did a great job on this quilt.

I thought the word verification was not supposed to be a word... I got bedleaf... could there be a name for your quilt? Lol.

Purple Pam said...

What a wonderful quilt. I love the bright colors against the dark colors.